Talismans are magic charms held by persons to give them powers.

The source of Genesta's magic and vitality was depended on her talisman. Without it, she would die within 24 hours. Lolotte knew this and stole it from her, wishing to become the ruler of Tamir. Luckily Rosella ruined her plans and saved Genesta's life.



Genesta waking thanks to her talisman.

The magic medallion stolen from Genesta by her archenemy Lolotte. The Talisman is Genesta's emblem as queen of the fairies. It contains great powers and is able to focus those forces to do the magical bidding of its wearer. The relationship between the Talisman and the fairy queen, though, is more intimate than just a person wearing a powerful ornament. The Talisman is attuned to the fairy queen's life energies; in a sense, the Talisman and the queen become one. If the Talisman is lost or stolen, it is as if part of the queen is lost. Death follows shortly, and only restoration of the Talisman can prevent it. If the Talisman were destroyed, it would bring destruction to the entire fairy race.[1]


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