Tailor Fey
Tailor Fey is the proprietor of Fey Tailorshop of Serenia.


He had lost his Golden Needle. He gave Graham his finest cloak as thanks when the needle was brought back to him. He is one of the Fey brothers. His brother is Employee Fey.

Graham visited his shop while he was in Serenia, returning the golden needle he had found him. The Fey brother was highly pleased, and gave Graham a much-needed warm cloak in return. Without that protection from the cold of the high mountains, Graham surely would not have survived long there.

The Fey brothers, put the needle on display each year in conjunction with their annual clearance sale, as part of their advertising effort.

Personality and traitsEdit

Fey has a effiminite mannerisms and speech. He is the successful tailor of a prosperous tailorshop in Serenia. He tries sell to customers various items of clothing, if they want them or not. He is more concerned with selling his wares, but will award those who return his lost items. There was only one thing Graham was interested in, but he had to figure out the means to obtain it.

Title Edit

  • The Tailor

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Behind the scenesEdit

This character is referred to simply as the Tailor in the KQ5 Hintbook and in game. The name "Fey" originates from the the King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition (in reference to the Fey brothers).

Between the two versions of KQ5 for the computers and NES, he wears different wardrobes, see Tailor Fey's wardrobes.

Fey may be a third part of a reference to "Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker' as seen with Jym Baker, and Tam Baker. Alternatively it may be 'Fey" as in reference to Fey as in "fairy" as in the effeminate personality of the character in the CD-Rom version of the game (however this is unlikely as chapters seem to indicate that most of the related chapters were written during the development and just after the release of the floppy version of the game).

In the new King's Questd the son of The Feys is named Taylor Fey. Which is a nod to Tailor Fey, it is itself a pun, and a reference to the King's Quest Companion's Fey brothers, and this wiki's use of the page name Tailor Fey. The joke also seems to take a pass at the effiminite indefinite nature of the character. In the reboot universe he does not have a brother.

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