The Sylph are a golden winged race of angels[1].


One known sylph is the Sylph of Inner Beauty who is in charge of the Fountain in the Dimension of Death.

They look very similar to the Winged Ones race although they have golden wings instead of white. It may be possible that they are related to the Winged Ones or may even be the original winged race that the Ancient Ones created, from which the Winged Ones evolved.

Then again they may be a separate race entirely and only be connected to the afterlife, and be from whatever passes as heaven in the world of Daventry.

Sylphs appear to be shorter than the Winged Ones, but about the same height as humans (perhaps slightly shorter), the Sylph of Inner Beauty is about a foot shorter than Connor (he is about the same height as Graham, thus about six feet tall).

Images of sylphs are painted on the walls of the Hall of Respite, and a statue of a sylph is found there as well.

Behind the scenes Edit

An article in InterAction describes her as being an 'Avengeing angel'.


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