The Swamp Witch was an evil monstrous witch of The Swamp.


The swamp witch is a unique creature of the swamp. While she’s slow-moving, she was very hearty and could throw a powerful fireball. One must be prepared for heavy battle and using lots of healing potions! Adventures had to their back as they ventured through the swamp! The swamp witch frequently ventures out of her enchanted tower to swim beneath the waters of the swamp, hoping to sneak up on the unwary adventurer. When they're not expecting it, she would rise from the ooze to cast her deadly fireballs, then sink back beneath the black water.

She lived in the Swamp near Daventry in the Witch's Tower. The witch's tower is surrounded by a lake of poisonous water, making access to it particularly difficult! Not only did Connor have to find a way across this deadly lake, but he also had to kill the witch before he can enter the tower. Getting through the witch's barrage of fireballs was no easy task, but Connor was up to it!

The witch had stolen a Unicorn Horn turning the poor unicorn into an ugly beast. She also befouled the small pond near the beast with her poison leaving it covered with a sickening scum. She was also poisoning the swamp from her cauldron in the tower. Connor slew her while trying to get into her tower. She told conner to "Die", and called him a toad, but Conner said it wouldn't be him that died, it would be her. Then Conner decapitated her. Connor discovered she had been making Goblin tartar with the Unicorn's Horn. He nullified the poison in her cauldron by using Golden Ladle. She was also known to lure men into her castle using her wiles, and chained them up where they died.

One of the pieces of the mask of Eternity fell near her tower, and was put into a chest in the upper floor. Where a Henchman was sent to guard it for Lucreto.

Behind the scenesEdit

The witch had an extended description on the KQ8 website.

Though she is typically killed by the player with their hand weapon, its also possible to kill her from a distance with your ranged weapon. However, even when you shoot her to death, she is decapitated like when you kill her with your hand weapon.

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