Staff of power (aka the dark staff) is a magic staff that grants one's wishes. It may not necessarily require the user to have been born into magic, simply thinking about something is enough for it work. It was originally Owen's Staff, but was later stolen by Telgrin. Alexander uses it for a while to escape a few encounters before returning it to Owen.

It has a long dark shaft with a crystal at the top. The crystal often glows when casting spells or lights up during the illumination/radiance spell.

Unless the caster is of extreme power simply holding the staff causes the hand holding it to go numb. Most of the spells are likely related to the great spells and like great spells will cause the caster to grow tired with use or extended use. However the spreading of the numbing cold also spreads down the arm as well. The staff maybe a little 'evil' (not necessarily due to the influence of Telgrin but may have been a tad dark even before then (Owen does have a certain darkness around him as well, although he is largely 'neutral'). It might have an effect on someone's soul, and not necessarily a good or pleasant way.

List of wish spells Edit

  • Spell of invisibility (turn self invisible, turn someone else invisible, make it so they can see each other, but invisible to everyone else)
  • Lightning bolt (dazzling jagged light bolt)
  • Illumination/radiance spell (sizzling blue-white light, light/light off)
  • Unlock door/Open door spell (Bolt, slide. Door, open)
  • Metal vibration (shattering into shards)
  • Sleep spell
  • Quake spell (vibratins in the foundations)
  • Exorcism/Banishment spell
  • Myst spell (white myst, fog)
  • Flash of light
  • Explosion spells
  • Dragon light spell (blue dragon made of light)
  • De-aging/youth spell
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