Swamp Wisps (a swamp sprite)

Sprites are a tiny race (or refers to several different races) of faery or nature spirit within the world of Daventry.


The average sprite are tiny individuals about the size of a hummingbird with dragonfly wings (similar to pixies). Sprites visit blooming flowers and transfer their pollen other flowers. When there are no blooms they sit on lily pads and make music with frogs.[1]They look like little winged persons in a dress, with little arms and legs. They have colored hair, sometimes blue.

They are capable of casting green balls of faery magic that protect those inside from the elements. Sprites are powerful spellcasters, even the smallest of faeries are said to be more powerful than any human (except for some of the more powerful human wizards).

Jiilii'a was a member of the sprite race.

One species are perhaps tiny versions of sprites.[2]They appear ice crystals dancing and laughing in the air. The dancing ice crystals glitter like tiny glass prisms, throwing off wonderful small rainbows all over the clearing where they reside. All of them move around much too quickly to track.

The Swamp Wisps are referred to as sprites as well (they also appear like tiny golden crystals shimmering and dancing in the air).[3] They like other sprites pollinate flowers, drink honeydew, and annoy frogs.


  • Sprites (a pixielike race)
  • Ice sprites
  • Swamp sprites/wisps


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