The Spinning Wheel is a magic spinning wheel used by Rumplestiltskin and/or his family.


In the house of the witch of the Dark Forest, Graham found a small spinning wheel. He took it, of course, and later gave it to a gnome he met. The gnome said that the spinning wheel had been stolen from him by the witch, and that it was magic. It had the ability to spin gold from straw.

The magic spindle is Rumplestiltskin's one-of-a-kind heirloom; the spinning wheel could turn straw to gold and this could only belong to one gnome (though some speculate maybe his relatives could use it as well).[1]

Obviously this was the spinning wheel of Rumplestiltskin, something that is well-known in the world. This fact, though, has raised some serious questions as to the identity of the gnome Graham met in Serenia, since he or Alexander had encountered Rumplestiltskin on at least two prior occasions--years earlier in Daventry. It is possible that some form of time warp must be considered in this matter because anything seems possible in that magical land. In that case, Graham's second meeting with the gnome could very well have been the gnome's first meeting with Graham. This is a paradox of a high order.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is referred to as 'Spinning Wheel' in King's Questions.


KQ5: This appears to be a small, ordinary spinning wheel.


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