The Sphinx is a legendary landmark known for giving riddles to individuals.

Graham and Neese both know about the Sphinx and wonder about solving its riddles.

Images of the Sphinx can be seen on the Merchant of Miracles cart.

Behind the scenesEdit

The riddling Sphinx is a creature said to guard the Greek city of Thebes. It should not be mixed up with the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt (KQGS).

Both Graham and Neese will comment about the Sphinx. Graham only if he chooses to go with noodles for hands/fingers, rather than tail that taps all the time during the Moral Quarrel game. Neese on the other hand will mention it when she spazs out during their trip to Tanalore (KQGS).

A Sphinx of a more persian/greek variety can be seen on clothwork on the Merchant of Miracle's cart (along with a griffin (KQGS) and what maybe a small Fairy (KQGS)).

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