Sorcerers are magic users that practice sorcery and cast ensorcellements.


Many practice dark unnatural spells, and divining spells, usually gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits or demons (though sometimes the spells utilize ingredients from nature). It seems that most Sorcerers are evil, though good ones are rare.

Generally wizards and their ilk are known to record in some manner the proper route to the completion of various mystical processes. To this end there arose over the eons a fabulous library of magical books--books that collected and explicated the great spells and conjurations devised and duplicated throughout the ages by the greatest of sorcerers.

Edward the Benevolent trusted a sorcerer, who later turned out to be evil. Other benevolent sorcerers put up a spell around Castle Daventry, keeping forces at bay, as the kingdom was ravaged due to the loss of the three treasures. A few good Druid sorcerers and sorcerer-kings from the Isle of the Mists helped King Caliphim, and Queen Allaria to take back the castle from the evil vizier, Abdul Alhazred. The race of earth sorcerers that inhabited the island were often hard at work upon some great magic. King Caliphim once had a court sorcerer who helped Derek get to Serenia by casting a spell.

Many sorcerers are former members of the Magician's Guild.

A female sorcerer is known as a Sorceress.

Types of Sorcerers Edit

  • Sorcerer-kings
  • Earth sorcerers

List of SorcerersEdit

The Sorcerer had promised to cast a spell to bring a child to the wife of King Edward in trade for the Magic Mirror. However the sorcerer had no intention of keeping his bargain. In KQ1, The Sorcerer would paralyze King Graham, leaving him defenseless from other enemies and thieves.

Mordack was said to be a Sorcerer as well as a Wizard as he practices magic from both sorcery and wizardry. His home on his land was filled with bizarre and demonic statues and objects that seemed to be of other dimensional origin, and his servants including Dink, were grotesque and powerful beings. He used spirits to shrink down Castle Daventry and whisk it away from to his island. He also practiced Iconomancy, allowing him to shapeshift into elements and beasts of nature.

Some of the druids of the Isle of the Mists are said to be sorcerers as well, and helped King Caliphim and Queen Allaria, take back the castle from Alhazred's servants.

Telgrin was an evil sorcerer and magician-king.

The mutant sorcerers of Innsmouth who once inhabited the Whateley Manor.

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