Solomon was the son of David, and was a king and judge of Israel known for his great wisdom. He lived long time before the kingdom of Daventry.[1] He was the third king of Israel after King Saul.


He is known for writing the The Key of Solomon.[2] He was involved in a famous case, in which he was presiding. Two women had come before him asking for custody of a child. Both mothers had recently given birth, but one baby had died. Both claimed to be the surviving child's real mother, and neither would relinquish her claim on the infant. To solve the case, Solomon decreed that somebody bring a sword and cut the child in half, so that both parents could fight over which half they would receive. One mother agreed to Solomon's decision. The other mother was mortified and telling Solomon to hand over the baby to the other women, rather than see it be killed. Solomon in his wisdom then knew who the real mother was, and had his guards hand the child over to the women who showed mercy to the child.

The stories of Solomon became famous and were told down through the ages. His book the The Key of Solomon became feared as a book of dark magic. Rosella learned of Solomon's famous court cases, that had occured long ago, during lectures with her tutor Master Rokaill. Rosella once attempted to repeat the decision, when two women brought a similar case before her. However, they had both known the trick, and asked for the princess to hand the child over to each other. Rosella was stymied but not for long, she figured out from the evidence and contradictions in their story; the child's baby blanket was northern (one mother had claimed to be from the south) one mother claimed to have come from the Twin Pillars of the Moon to the north (which were actually located to the west), that the child had been kidnapped from someone living in the north. She told her guards to return the baby from someone who had recently lost their child in the north.[3]

It is mentioned in the Koran that King Solomon once owned a magic carpet that was made of green silk. It was large enough to carry Solomon, his throne, his army, his spirits, and his attendants wherever he wished to go.[4]


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