The Society of Wizards is magical organization of wizards, magicians, sorcerers, necromancers and other magical persuasions.


It a professional and academic organization of the best magical minds in Daventry. It was founded during the earliest days of Daventry, immediately after the first great withdrawal there, by the Grand Wizard Crispinophur. The identity of the Society's leader is kept secret, but rumor has it to be Crispin himself, and always has been.

Made up of the leading adepts, sorcerers, magicians, wizards and necromancers in the world of Daventry, it is dedicated to advancing the state of the magical Arts, historical and thaumaturgical research, and maintaining a strict set of ethical standards. One does not apply to join the Society--one is invited, and then only after the application is proposed by a current member in good standing. That application must be approved unanimously. The Society of Wizards is not to be confused with the Magicians' Guild, a collection of amateurs.[1]

Mordack was also a member of the Society. They had always taken a dim view of Mordack and his abuse of his power, and put him under suspension a few times, but it never seemed to make any difference. He apparently retained membership up to his death.[2] The original society may be the same organization that was created by magic users of all colors of magic to withdraw into the world. It included practitioners of black magic, just as much as it did those who practiced white magic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Surprisingly though put on suspension a number of times it appears that Mordack never lost his membership from the organization. In fact while evil magic (or perhaps destructive magic) appears to be frowned upon by the organization in general, it appears that they are not so strict to prevent evil wizards from joining, as long as they have a sponsor of some sort to invite them into the organization. Necromancy and sorcery is allowed yet, generally considered darker or evil forms of magic.

Not all black magic users are necessarily 'evil' or abuse their power, and more sensible ones apparently belong to the Society of Wizards (see necromancers and sorcerers). Those who act outside the rules of the organization, may become members of other organizations including the Society of the Black Cloak, or remain unaligned altogether.

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