The Snowy Mountain is a mountain high up in the Great Mountains, and lies near the Snowy Mountains range. It is Icebella's realm.


It is the home of Icebella, her wolves, the Roc, and Yetis. Major landmarks include the Ice Palace, Crystal Cave/Yeti Cave, and the Roc's Nest. The Valley of Diamonds may be located somewhere near here. The mountain lies somewhere north of the Hibestian Range and Glass Mountains. Half Dome can be seen across a beautiful river valley from the mountain.


  • Mountain Trails (Path in Mountains, Twisty Path in Mountains)
  • Cliff
  • Frozen Waterfall (Waterfall)
  • Icy Crevasse
  • Steep Slope (Downhill)
  • Ice Palace (Ice Castle)
  • Icy Trail (Elevated Path)
  • Yeti Cave
  • Roc's Nest
  • Beach (Waterfall Beach)
  • Hermit's Hut

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game, the descriptions call the mountain Great Mountains/great mountains at least twice. It calls it the 'snowy mountain' at least once, and 'snowy mountains' at least half a dozen times.

The frozen river valley appears to be a similar appearance to the green river valley seen in KQ3 in the Half Dome scene in that game in different seasons.

The river is based on Merced or Tuolumne RIvers in Yosemite.


Snowy Mountain and Snowy Mountains

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