Slizard was a member of a special kind of lizard.


It is no normal kind of lizard. It is an enchanted creature. The species has the ability to switch bodies with whoever it bites.

Graham has encountered this species, having been bit by one simply called Slizard by those around it. The last time Slizard was seen he inhabited the body of Karn, and was learning a vocubulary, and being taken care of by an imp.

It has the ability to switch bodies with whoever it bites. It bit Graham taking over his body, and leaving Graham in the body of the lizard. In its new form it believed itself to be Graham but it was certainly more stupid than the real Graham, kind of like a bizzaro graham, only able to say "I, Graham". While the real Graham took on characteristics of the slizard such as hunger for bugs, but he was certainly smarter than the average slizard. After Graham bit the nose of the dumb Graham he was able to switch places back into his own body. King Graham then put the slizard in his pocket. Later on King Graham used the slizard to stop Karn Megiddo. Leaving slizard believing he was Karn, with the vocabulary, "I, Karn". The real karn was left stuck in the body of the lizard. Later Slizard learned to say the word "fire", and started to build a vocabulary of other words. He went to live with Lugmut in Zakizga.

Physiology and traitsEdit

It can be assumed that this special lizard species is non-sentient until it switches into a new body, and is able to take advantage of higher brain functions. However the lizard's victims retain most of their own sentience within the slizard's body, though that may fade over time, as more base instincts begin to take over, or the person goes mad.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • I, Graham
  • I, Karn
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