Skeletons are the internal remains of once living beings, often humans (but obviously exist in many animals as well). Some skeletons are become animated in undeath.


Some are reanimated Skeletons, some are violent and will attack the living wielding weapons and armor. Others are affected by music, especially, "Them Dry Bones", and will dance uncontrollably to it.

Skeletons in the Dimension of Death are the Guards of the realm. They're smart, fast, and often run in groups made up of archers, mace-wielders and swordsmen (carrying broadswords), making a challenge for even the most experienced adventurer. Connor had his first encounter with skeletons just after he defeated the Shadow Bane. They warned him that mortals could not enter Lord Azriel's sanctum. It didn't take long for Connor to defeat them.

He found even more skeletons just after he got past the gate into the Compound of Death, scattered throughout the compound. A particularly large group guarded a chest that contained the Square Golden Key. But they generally could be found everywhere.

The Skeleton can be found among the silent stones and trackless passages in the City of the Dead. These warrior spirits are a dangerous reminder of mortality... in more ways than one! Each Skeleton warrior has carried his chosen weapon - either a sword, mace or crossbow -- into the nether realm. All three weapons are very dangerous. Once must watch the shadows for these animated horrors, as they will often attack from the cover of darkness. Fortunately, keen ears can save an adventurer's skin, for the Skeleton cannot move silently -- his bones clatter upon the stones as he walks.

A single Skeleton poses little danger, as individuals are not difficult to defeat, but woe betide the adventurer who allows them to attack in a group! Noisy in death as well as in their pale parody of life, these creatures collapse with a satisfying bony rattle when sufficiently damaged. Adventures are reminded to don't forget to search the remains of a fallen Skeleton, as they often carry useful trophies for the victorious adventurer.[1]

The skeletons in the Dimension of Death are lead by the Commander Skeletons.

Behind the scenesEdit

The skeletons are largely inspired by living skeletons found in myths or movies such as Jason and the Argonauts.

Known as the Skeletons in the KQ8 Hintbook and the KQ8 website.

An extended background for skeletons was included on the the KQ8 website.


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