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The Silver Cloak Society was a race and organization. Their society that were at odds with the Black Cloak Society (unofficial) one thousand years ago. They were a highly secretive society, more so than the Black Cloaks.


They were formed a thousand years ago by the some of the wisest and most noble wizards, the perfect antithesis to the Black Cloaks.[1] It was a very noble order led by Leo the Noble, the wisest and bravest of them all.[2]They were the masters of a lost form of magic that controls dreams. They could not only control dreams but shape them into whatever they wished. They could drag people into the Dreamworld and even make dreams appear around in the waking world. Even the most powerful of them could form reality from dreams themselves. They were very secretive but a force of good. There was a war between the two societies.[3]

The Silver Cloaks crafted a weapon to trap the Shadows.[4] To create the weapon the members of the Silver Cloaks sacrificed themselves in order to defeat the Black Cloaks and put an end to the war. In the end there were twelve left. One by one they sacrificed themselves, it was the only way. They created a weapon called Pandora's Box (unofficial) by sealing their very souls in The Zodia Stone to seal the power of the Black Cloaks. They came one by one and merged with the Zodia Stone to imprison the leader of the Black Cloaks. They payed the ultimate price, and in time they they became the signs that sealed it.

After a thousand years a cloaked individual, the leader of the Black Cloaks began to break his bonds and escape his imprisonment. This was all because humans once tried to defy The Fates (unofficial). The Black Cloaks hoped to get a hold of Pandora's Box so as to free the Shadows.


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