Shipwreck Island is a small desert island near Tamir lying in the Great Sea Ocean.


Ships had been wrecked on the island. It was nothing more than a sand bar with a couple of palm trees (actually a single palm tree that grew two trunks) growing out of it, and the remains of a couple of ships. A Golden Bridle could be found in the wreck of one of the ships. A pelican on the island had eaten a whistle, but dropped it when Rosella gave it a fish after being spit out by a whale just south of the island. The whistle called a dolphin that helped Rosella off the Island and back to the mainland of Tamir.

This is a one-palm island in the the ocean. There must have horses on one of the shipwrecks at one time.[1] One cannot swim bak to anywhere form the one-palm island as its too far away form any other landmasses. One must get special help for a ride.

Behind the scenesEdit

The island is given the name 'Shipwreck Island' in the KQ4 Hintbook[2] and the The Official Book of King's Quest. The King's Quest Companion, calls it simply 'Shipreck island'.


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