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IS universeEdit

The marble used to build Daventry Courthouse was imported all the way from Serenia.

POS universeEdit

Serenia is a land nearby to the Land of the Green Isles. Daventry is far away. Birds travel between Serenia and the Green Isles carrying news of the land. In some of forests of Serenia where the leaves have lost there leaves, are starting to regain them. The leaves are starting to phase from brown to green.

AGDI universeEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

In fan fiction, fans prefer to call the whole KQ world as 'Serenia', not only that particular realm. Therefore, Daventry, Green Isles, Eldritch, Tamir and other realms are only parts of Serenia.

The designers of King's Quest ZZT on the other hand, have the characters within the game refer to the world as "King's Quest".

However, in official material, the world is usually referred to as Earth, or the World of Daventry.

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