Sense gnomes

Sense Gnomes are a type of gnome living on the Isle of Wonder[1].


They are the Guardians of the Isle of Wonder. There are five Sense Gnomes, one for each of the five senses. They all have a habit of speaking in rhymes. The sense gnomes toss invaders into the sea, to send them to the Realm of the Dead. Vizier Alhazred had contacted them to tell them to kill Alexander. However, Alexander was able to trick each of their senses one by one with a flower of stench, a mechanical nightingale, a mint, a Rabbit's foot, and Invisible ink.

If Alexander failed to trick one of them, however, they would throw him into the ocean.

Sense GnomesEdit


KQ6 Transcripts#Sense Gnomes

Fan GamesEdit

The Sense Gnomes appear in fan fiction games. See Sense Gnomes (unofficial).

Behind the Scenes Edit

They are likely based on the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant, an East Indian folktale. In the story, six old men born blind encounter an elephant, but themselves do not know what it is. Through their senses they attempt to determine what it is.

Trivia Edit

The death message is "Guess those gnomes couldn't reach a con-SENSES". This is a pun on the word consensus, but it is a bad pun because the gnomes actually did reach a consensus because the word "consensus" means "agreement".


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