Scheherazade was a woman who was able to detain her own death by telling stories to her murderous husband night after night for one thousand and one evenings.


She is famous in legend in both our world and the world of King's Quest. Valanice has dreamed that the Sapphire Jewels are actually the jewels of Scheherazade, given to her by her caliph as a gift of love at the end of a thousand and one nights of storytelling. Valanice might be right.[1]

Her name is also mentioned in a poem engraved on the gauntlet of challenge, "Flesh may cross the portal, and seek its master Death. Flesh may go where Death has trod, and challenge, like Scheherazade, He Who Reigns Beneath Facade, to spare a mortal's breath."

The gauntlet was held by dead knight who lost his love in death. He captured Night Mare, and rode to the Land of the Dead to challenge Samhain for his love's soul, to bring her back to life. But he was killed there, and a warning was engraved on his gauntlet.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear if this means that Scheherazade once tried to challenge death ("He Who Reigns Beneath The Sod") directly, or if the challenge is in reference to her telling the 1001 tells to stay alive.


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