Sarah is the daughter of Widow Burke, and the deceased Jonathon Burke.


On the day that the cataclysm occurred, she was sweeping the front yard of her house when her good friend and neighbor Connor came to visit and wish her a good day. They talked a bit about her mother, when a strange wind arose, and something fell at his feet. He bent down to pick up the object and then witnessed Sarah being turned to stone, but he himself was spared because he had picked up a piece of the Mask of Eternity that had landed at his feet. He knew not the evil which enslaved Sarah, but he vowed its defeat and the deliverance of her sweet soul. He shooed away the raven Dante that had landed on her head, telling it to begone, and to leave her be, and then following it to the Wizard of Daventry. When Lucreto was defeated and the mask was restored Sarah regained her true form. Her house is not far from Connor's House, and they share the same street in the community.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sarah makes three appearances in the game, first in the intro, secondly in her stone form, and third at the end of the game when she is restored. An article in InterAction magazine suggests that she is Connor's girlfriend.

Although it would seem likely she has the last name of Burke. She is only officially referenced as Sarah.

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