The Sapphire Jewels was the set of diamond and sapphire jewelry hidden all over western Kolyma, including the Sapphire Tiara, the Sapphire Brooch, the Sapphire Earrings, the Sapphire Bracelet, and the Sapphire Necklace.


As King Graham ventured through the Kolyma in search of Princess Valanice, he discovered a number of pieces of fabulous jewelry--a diamond and sapphire bracelet, brooch, necklace, earrings, and tiara. All fit for a queen[1]. He called them the Sapphire Jewels and presented them as a gift of love to his bride on the day of their wedding at the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury.

Queen Valanice treasures the jewels as her dearest possessions, and as a symbol of her love for Graham and Daventry. No one in Daventry seems to know how they came to be scattered about Kolyma, but since one of the pieces--the tiara--was found in Dracula's castle, some speculate that they were dropped by one of the vampire's victims as the poor women were flown to join the Count's Legion of the Undead. Valanice dismissed that theory, dreaming that the Sapphire Jewels are actually the jewels of Scheherazade, given to her by her caliph as a gift of love at the end of a thousand and one nights of storytelling. Valanice might be right.[2] It is possible that both stories may be true, as they are not mutually exclusive.

Sapphire JewelsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The name 'Sapphire Jewels' originates from King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition, and also appears in King's Questions.

The manual for KQ2 commands Graham to find treasures along his journey, and explains the reason for collecting the jewelry is that they will be fit for his new queen.


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