Royal aides kept up the day to day affairs in Castle Daventry particularly in the Great Hall.


They would shout out and announce whenever the King entered or left the hall. They would announce visitors to the king as well. They wear purple silk.[1]Their summer uniforms are of light silk.

When announcing visitors they follow protocol by calling out at the end of the Great Hall, and then one coming forward to kneel at the king's feet, to give more specific information. Then after gaining permission, they bid the visitors approach to the throne.

When Graham was newly crowned, he suggested in the Council, that aids only have to enter from the side door to the throne, but opposition to the tradition had been so strong, he never suggested it again.

Behind the scenesEdit

A member of the Crowd in KQ1SCI wears purple clothing. It's possible that this may have been in influence for the royal aide's description.

The purple uniform appears to differ from the standard bright blue uniforms and gray caps worn by most of the servants, staff, and maids of Castle Daventry as mentioned in the novels. The latter uniform appears to be inspired by the uniform worn by the Castle Guard in KQ1SCI.


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