The Royal University was a great university built by King Edward during his reign. King Graham went there after graduating from the Palace School, as did Sir David of Bruce. Many courses on many subjects are taught there. Its exact location is not known perhaps in the Town of Daventry.


After he had put his kingdom in order and before the great troubles connected with losing the magic treasures of the realm, King Edward the Benevolent founded the Royal University of Daventry. One of Edward's beliefs was that a kingdom is only as strong as its weakest minds, and he intended that Daventry would train the keenest, sharpest minds in the world. Graham was one of the university's prize pupils, and it might be said that it was only the sharpness of his mind that saved the kingdom from ruin. This more than anything else bore out the wisdom of Edward's philosophy.[1]

Graham was learned in all the subjects taught at the university. He had graduated first in his class, and had specialized in knowing a lot of things (as no one subject could capture his attention, and he devoured all the lore and learning he could listen and read). He had studied all of the world of Daventry's histories while at the university. During those studies he learned of Rumplestiltskin. He had studied much about fungi, and the magic mushroom, was unlike any poison fungus Graham had ever studied.

Graham had once experimented with crystals there in one of his courses. He was taught how crystals had the curious property of of not just breaking up and diffracting light, but also the less-known one of redirecting rays. "Making light bend and turn cartwheels back on itself," is the way one of his learned teachers described the natural phenomenon. It was a lesson Graham learned well and was able to replicate with the Cobra Dragons on Mordack's Island.

For a while Prince Alexander taught magic at the university and Valanice was considered its best historian.[2]

This maybe the location of the Knight School.


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