The Royal Library of Daventry is a library in Daventry.


It is a depository of books and other important documents in the Kingdom of Daventry. It is also the place where Manannan's Magic Map was deposited for safe keeping, and copies of the Chronicles of Daventry.

This library is most likely located in Castle Daventry it is known to have its own extensive library which is popular amongsts scholars, and tutors including Rokaill. However, it is possible that a branch of the library is located within the town of Daventry as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term "Royal Library of Daventry" is only mentioned once in the King's Quest Companion. Thus its difficult to tell if its intended to be one term or place's name plus location (i.e. Faerie Court of Etheria (Faerie Court)). It at least suggests that there are other Royal Libaries in other lands.

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