The Rotten Egg (aka Spoiled Egg[1]) is a spoiled egg that was one of the treasures of Isle of Wonder.

Background Edit

It originally belonged to Queen Blanche of the Isle of Wonder. She intended to give it as a gift to the Vizier and Cassima, but once Alexander gave her a lump of coal, she traded it to him. It is one of the ingredients for the Charm the Creatures of the Night spell. The sulfurous gasses inside were perfect for the Brimstone scent.

Behind the scenesEdit

The egg is described as the 'spoiled egg' in KQ6, it is given the proper title, the "Rotten Egg" in King's Questions (and 'rotten egg' in King's Quest Companion). It is also given the title Spoiled Egg in the KQ6 Hintbook.

Brimstone is an archaic word for 'sulfer'. Eggs actually are a natural source of sulfur based compounds, hence the egg works for the spell ingredient.


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