Rosella's comments in Hoyle 3. She tends frown when a play is wrong or mad move, but doesn't get angry. Like her father she tends to use proper modern english in the game. She doesn't get into character as much as some of the other characters. She is kind and neither complains ir she loses, nor gloats if she wins, and is respectful and praises the player and offers encouragement. If she loses she praises the player, and humbly believes she may have a chance to win next time.

One of her most common remarks is 'Oh, dear' as a remark of surprise or loss. She also commonly uses 'lucky' to point out opponents wins or her own wins.

She also says 'Wonderful' as an exclamation for winning checkers.

She is an Expert at Checkers and Average at Backgammon (like her father). She is also an Expert pachisi player, but only an average dominoes player, and only a Beginner when it comes to yacht.

Text filesEdit

3100.tex (dominoes)Edit

0 I'll pass.
1 I'd better pass this turn.
2 I'm going to pass.
3 It seems you must pass your turn now.
4 I'm sorry - you'll have to pass.
5 You really do have to pass this turn.
6 I believe that one's mine.
7 Sorry - these dominoes are mine.
8 You really ought to play with your own dominoes.
9 It might be best for you to finish choosing a hand.
10 You won't be able to play until you choose a hand.
11 I don't think you're through choosing a hand.
12 Perhaps it would be best to choose a domino.
13 I think you have to choose a domino first.
14 You really ought to choose a domino to play.
15 I won the hand!
16 Oh! I won the hand!
17 I won this one.
18 Oh, dear - I lost this hand.
19 Looks like you won this one.
20 This one goes to you.
21 Oh, look! This hand is tied.
22 We seem to have tied this hand.
23 It looks as though this one is a tie.
24 I'm afraid you can't play that piece there.
25 That's an invalid play.
26 You can't make that play, you know.
27 You won the game! You must be very happy!
28 I hope you'll give me another chance to win.
29 You won this one, but maybe I'll get lucky the next time.
30 Oh, look! I won the game!
31 I won this game, but I'd be happy to play again.
32 Perhaps you'll be the winner next time.
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.

3200.tex (checkers)Edit

0 Certainly. Let's call it a draw.
1 No-one seems to be winning this one, so we might as well call it a draw.
2 You're absolutely right. Let's make it a draw.
3 I'm sorry, but I still think I have a chance to win this one.
4 This game isn't over yet - I could still win, I think.
5 I'm just not ready to give up yet.
6 Did you know that piece isn't a king?
7 The only pieces you can move backwards are the kings.
8 That piece isn't a king.
9 We don't play on those squares.
10 That's one of the squares we don't play on.
11 That square is not in play, I'm afraid.
12 I'm afraid that's an invalid move.
13 Pardon me, but I believe that move is invalid.
14 I don't think you're allowed to move there.
15 Excuse me...that piece is one of mine.
16 I think the other pieces are yours.
17 You won't be able to move that one - it's mine.
18 You go first.
19 You get to go first.
20 You'll play first.
21 I'm afraid you have to make that jump whether you want to or not.
22 The rules say you have to make any jump that's possible to make.
23 Your turn won't be over until you've made that jump.
24 Look! You've become a king!
25 You're a king!
26 Now you're a king!
27 I've become a king!
28 I'm a king!
29 Now I'm a king!
30 What a masterful move!
31 My, that was a surprise!
32 Oh, dear!
33 You played so well -- and you won!
34 I certainly hope you'll give me a chance to win the next one.
35 You won the game!
36 I won! Wonderful! Would you like to play again?
37 I'm sure you'll be the winner next time.
38 Let's play again, shall we?

3300.tex (backgammon) Edit

0 I got the high roll!
1 I'll go first.
2 I believe mine was the high roll.
3 You got the high roll!
4 You get to go first.
5 You rolled high, so you'll go first.
6 Oh, you can't roll the dice now!
7 Wait. It's not time to roll yet.
8 It's not time for you to roll the dice.
9 I'm afraid you can't make that play.
10 That play's invalid, you know.
11 That's an invalid play.
12 I believe it's time for us to double.
13 I'm doing so well I'd like to double.
14 Let's double!
15 All right, I accept your double.
16 Very well, if you like, we'll double.
17 I accept your double.
18 I really can't double right now. I'll resign the game.
19 I'm sorry, but I have to refuse your double.
20 I'm afraid I must refuse your double and resign.
21 You can't double this time.
22 It's not your turn to double.
23 I'm sorry, but that's an invalid double.
24 The only time you can double is at the beginning of a turn.
25 You can only double when the turn begins.
26 Perhaps you should wait until the start of your next turn.
27 I don't think this game can be doubled again.
28 There's a limit on how many times we can double.
29 This game can't be doubled again.
30 If you can't play both dice, you have to play the higher one.
31 No, you have to play the higher die.
32 Since you can only use one die, it should be the higher one.
33 I'm afraid that man is already off the board.
34 You can't play men that have been borne off already.
35 That man's out of play, I'm afraid.
36 You won't be able to take that move while you have a man on the bar.
37 You'll have to get that man off the bar before you can move.
38 I'm sorry, but you can't move until you get your man off the bar.
39 I think maybe you ought to roll the dice.
40 You really should roll the dice before you try to move.
41 Don't you think you should roll the dice first?
42 I'm sorry, but that's my man.
43 You're trying to play one of my men.
44 That one's mine, you know.
45 I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass.
46 I'll pass this turn.
47 I haven't got a move, so I'll pass.
48 It looks like you're going to have to pass.
49 Oh, dear. You'll have to pass.
50 Since you can't move, you'll have to pass.
51 Oh, no! My man is on the bar!
52 Oh, you captured my man!
53 I can see I'd better be more careful.
54 I captured your man!
55 I'm sorry, but I had to capture that man.
56 Your man is on the bar. I hope you're not upset.
57 You really can't bear off yet.
58 You can't bear off until all your men are around the board.
59 You can't start bearing off now.
60 You get to roll again, you know.
61 Go ahead and roll again.
62 Roll again.

3400.tex (pachisi)Edit

0 It seems you've been blocked.
1 That move seems to be blocked.
2 It doesn't look like you're going to be able to move there.
3 You really can't advance a blockade, you know.
4 Advancing a blockade is an illegal move.
5 Those two pawns can't be moved to the same space again.
6 Perhaps you should count your roll again.
7 I don't think that's the space your supposed to land on.
8 I think you may have landed on the wrong space.
9 You can enter a pawn now, you know.
10 That roll is good for entering a pawn.
11 Perhaps you ought to enter a pawn.
12 There. That ought to help.
13 I made that blockade to slow you down.
14 I hope that keeps you for a while.
15 Oh, dear! You've blocked me!
16 I'm blocked!
17 Looks like I'm stuck here for a while.
18 Your roll is high, so you'll play first.
19 You play first.
20 Go ahead and play first.
21 I rolled high this time - I'll play first.
22 Since my roll was highest, I'll go first.
23 I'll play first.
24 You can't enter a pawn on that roll, you know.
25 I'm afraid you can't enter a pawn on that roll.
26 Actually, you need to roll a one to enter a pawn.
27 You have to finish your turn before anyone else can play.
28 You still need to finish your turn, you know.
29 Perhaps you ought to finish your turn.
30 I'm afraid you won't be able to move there.
31 That move's invalid, you know.
32 That's an invalid move.
33 Three doublets is one too many.
34 Now you have to lose your turn.
35 I'm sorry - you have to give up your turn.
36 Oh, if only I hadn't rolled doublets again!
37 Drat! I rolled doublets a third time!
38 Now I'll have to give up my turn.
39 Oh, no! You've captured my pawn!
40 You captured my pawn!
41 I'm captured!
42 Aha! I captured your pawn!
43 I'm afraid I've captured your pawn.
44 I just captured your pawn.
45 Go ahead and roll again.
46 You have another roll, you know.
47 Roll again.
48 You won the game! Congratulations!
49 You won! Care to play again?
50 You won this one, but I feel lucky. Would you like to play again?
51 Oh, my -- I won!
52 I won the game! Would you like a chance to win the next one?
53 I won this time -- shall we play again?
54 It seems you must pass this turn.
55 You don't appear to have a move.
56 You're going to have to pass.
57 I must pass.
58 I'll have to pass.
59 I pass.
60 I don't think I'll have any problem beating that roll.
61 I'm sure I can do better than that.
62 I know I can roll higher.
63 You can't enter a pawn on that roll, you know.
64 I'm afraid you can't enter a pawn on that roll.
65 Actually, you need to roll a three to enter a pawn.

3500.tex (yacht)Edit

0 I think you're supposed to roll the dice first.
1 Perhaps you should roll the dice.
2 First you have to roll the dice.
3 You really can't roll again until you've locked in your score.
4 You won't be able to roll again until you lock in a score.
5 You have to score the hand now.
6 Your score is locked in already.
7 You already scored this hand.
8 You locked it in already.
9 I think that category has been used already.
10 You used that category once before.
11 I don't think you can score there again.
12 You really can't score on someone else's scoresheet.
13 Excuse me, but I don't think that's your scoresheet.
14 You'll have to score on your own scoresheet.
15 This turn's over now.
16 You should wait for your next turn.
17 It's someone else's turn now.
18 You have to score the hand before you can roll again.
19 I think it's time to score your hand now.
20 You can roll again after you've scored your hand and I've played.
21 It looks like you've kept all your dice.
22 You don't have any dice left in play, so you can't roll any.
23 Did you want to put some of your dice back in play?.
24 Oh, I wish I didn't have to put a zero there.
25 I feel so bad when I have to score a zero.
26 Oh, darn!
27 Oh, no! You had to score a zero.
28 I'll bet you hate it when that happens.
29 A zero. That's too bad.
30 I guess this game is a tie.
31 We tied this one. Let's play another!
32 This game seems to be tied. Shall we play again?
33 What a terrific roll!
34 How lucky for you!
35 Gee, that's great!
36 I'll take Ones.
37 This looks like Ones to me.
38 Ones!
39 I'll take Twos.
40 I'm scoring this one as Twos.
41 Twos!
42 I want Threes.
43 Threes, this time.
44 Threes!
45 I'll call Fours.
46 This one goes to Fours.
47 Fours!
48 I'll take Fives.
49 Fives, this time.
50 Fives!
51 I'll take Sixes.
52 I want Sixes.
53 Sixes!
54 I'll take Four of a Kind.
55 I'll call Four of a Kind.
56 Four of a Kind!
57 I want a Full House.
58 This time I'll call a Full House.
59 Full House!
60 I'll take a Small Straight.
61 This one's a Small Straight.
62 Small Straight!
63 I'll take a Large Straight.
64 I'll call this one a Large Straight.
65 Large Straight!
66 I think this time I want a Yacht.
67 I'm going to call this one a Yacht.
68 I'm taking the Yacht.
69 I'll take a Choice.
70 This time I'll take a Choice.
71 Choice!
72 Oh, dear! You got a Yacht!
73 Look! You got a Yacht!
74 You got a Yacht!
75 I got a Yacht! Hooray!
76 Oh, my! I got a Yacht!
77 I got a Yacht!
78 Congratulations! You've won this game!
79 You won the game! Shall we play again?
80 Will you give me another chance to win?
81 Look! I won the game!
82 I won this game! I must have been lucky. Shall we play another?
83 Well, I won this one, but perhap's you'll win the next.

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