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Rosella has worn several different outfits throughout the games.

Rosella's wardrobes[]

Rosella in dresses[]

Other appearances and transformations

In artwork[]

In artwork she has worn several different outfits as well.

Other outfits described in stories[]

Rosella has warn many different outfits in the novels. In See No Weevil for example she wears 1-2 for each day the story takes place. About 9-15 outfits. Each one is described in detail.

She also wore a gold locket on a long black cord.

At one point Rosella wears clothes resembling American cowboys, that makes her appear as a "12" year old boy. It consists of a pair of dusty trousers from one of the castle's wrights, a faded shirt borrowed from one of the stewards, and a wide-brimmed hat borrowed from one of the castle gardeners.[1]

She wears a split skirt when she decides to ride on a saddle. If she does have her split skirt she rides side-saddle instead.

Rosella felt many of her dresses in her wardrobe were too much like little girl's dresses. Her mother gave her a couple of dresses from her own wardrobe because she was becoming a young lady and need a lady’s wardrobe.

The blue dress Rosella was to have worn to the wedding, It was not one of Rosella's favorites. The pearls helped some, but the dress and the skirt of the dress, still looked lacy and frilly, in all the wrong ways. It looked like a little girl’s dress.

She wears one of her mothers dresses: In the wardrobe was an emerald—green overdress with gold-thread piping and delicate lace at the waist, neck. and cuffs. A cream—colored underdress hung next to it. Next to that was a silken cream—colored belt. It was a dress for a queen, not a young princess. After putting on that dress she also had her hair combed and fastened it under a golden net.

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