Rosella has worn several different outfits throughout the games.

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Other appearances and transformations

In artworkEdit

In artwork she has worn several different outfits as well.

Other eardrobes described in storiesEdit

Rosella has warn many different outfits in the novels. In See No Weevil for example she wears 1-2 for each day the story takes place. About 9-15 outfits. Each one is described in detail.

At one point Rosella wears clothes resembling American cowboys, that makes her appear as a "12" year old boy. It consists of a pair of dusty trousers from one of the castle's wrights, a faded shirt borrowed from one of the stewards, and a wide-brimmed hat borrowed from one of the castle gardeners.[1]

Rosella's wardrobe (unofficial)Edit

Rosella's Wardrobe (unofficial)


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