The Roman Pool is a landmark in Tamir that lies to the west of the Ogre's House.


The Roman Pool is a structure in northern Tamir where Rosella discovered Cupid bathing. As she approached him, Cupid flew away startled, leaving his magic bow and arrows of love behind. Rosella used the bow and arrows to capture the unicorn, and also to defeat Lolotte.[1]

While no one remembers how it got there, legends say that it may have come from the Other World when the magical creatures of Rome and Greece withdrew to Daventry. Strange melodies can be heard in the wind there at night.

Some say Cupid and Pan can be seen frolicking in the marble pool at night and it was where Rosella 'borrowed' Cupid's arrow while he was taking a bath there.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is referred to as the Roman Pool in the KQ4 Hintbook and KQ Companion. It is also referred to as the Marble Pool in the KQ Companion.


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