Map of islands to the North


The Rocky Islets are a series of islands in the Northern Sea off the northeastern coast of Serenia.


They are small, rocky islands, located way out the distance. They lie north of Harpy Island, and north and east of the mainland beach. Sea monsters live in the area around them. The many rocky islets dot the ocean just off-shore of the mountainous mainland.[1] The shoals and rocks make the seas treacherous in those areas and most mariners avoid them.[2] That the region has become known as the Rocky Shoals.

If Ancient Mariner, lives on the Coast of his own island; the hermit captain's island[3], then it's possibly also part of the Rocky Islets. The pirate island may also be part of this island chain as well.

The largest of the islands in this region include Harpies' Island and Evil Island but the region may stretch as far as the Rocky Shoals near the Green Isles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Rocky Islets originates out of the hintmaps in The King's Quest Companion.

According to the The Official Book of King's Quest, the Hermit may have his own island (and that is where Eagle dropped Graham), rather than being on the eastern edge of the Great Mountains.

Tiny little islands seen in the 2nd Edition of King's Quest Companion to the north of the continent of Daventry may be associated with these islands as well.

The reference to shoals and rocks is most likely a choice of words to tie them into the shouls that surround the Green Isles making them dangerous. The exact distance of the Green Isles from Daventry is not known and their distance varies depending on maps of the region.

Harpies' island

More islands can be seen to the north from the Harpie Island from the full island artwork screen, and also from the Harpie's lookout. Some of these islands which seem to show greenery even. They seem to be drawn somewhat larger than the islets you can normally see in the distance from ocean screens.


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