Ricardo Eduardo Rodriguez Roo Rat is a Kangaroo Rat living in the endless desert of Etheria; he is the proprietor of the Rare Curiosities shop. He attempts to trade things for junk that rhymes. In order to trade with him, you must retrieve the glasses that the Jackalope stole from him.


  • A crook, a hook, a stylish hat.[1]
  • A paper bag for a flag
  • A chocolate malt for a grain of salt
  • A fat deer tick for a stick
  • A silk lined casket for a woven basket
  • A bale of moldy hay for the pot
  • A pickled possum for a fragrant blossom.
  • A buzzard's wing for for a finely crafted ring.
  • His largest moose for a sacred nectar juice.
  • His best dead moth for a piece of silky cloth.
  • A lizard heart for a statue of art.
  • A raging bull for stocking made of wool.
  • A chewed-on boot for the Prickly Pear
  • A chocolate malt for a grain of salt
  • Fine blue mold for Rosella's comb
  • A thorny weed for his turquoise bead
  • A blue bead for a wrinkled seed
  • A shepher's crook for a book
  • A stuffed screech owl for a rubber fowl
  • A lizard heart for a statuette


  • Kangaroo Rat
  • Proprietor

Behind the scenesEdit

There a few additional trades hidden in the files;

The lady offers me a moon! I'll get my very best baboon.


King's Quest VII - Kangaroo Rat

King's Quest VII - Kangaroo Rat

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