Realm of the Sun

The Realm of the Sun is a celestial realm lying far above the Earth, ruled by the Archons. It exists in a domain above, in the celestial skies. It consists of four levels, the fourth level is the Altar Room.


This is the celestial world where the Temple of the Mask of Eternity resides, the Temple of the Sun. There is no physical connection between this and any of the other lands. It consists of rocky islands floating high in the sky above the world, even higher than the Land of the Clouds. This was Connor's final destination where he met his ultimate destiny. The realm is ruled by Archons, whose job it is to protect the Mask of Eternity.

During the cataclysm, shadow creatures stood between the entrance of the three-tiered, pyramid-shaped temple and the altar located on the crest high above.[1]

The Realm of the Sun, maybe for the Daventry, what Etheria is for the people of Daventry, more or less the realm of the God/s both lie far above the physical earthy plane below them, and are ruled by powerful deities: The Faerie Court of Etheria and Archons respectively.

Level 1: TruthEdit

Level 2: LightEdit

Level 3: OrderEdit

Altar RoomEdit

On the top floor of the Temple of the Sun is the Altar Room, it consists of two rooms a foyer and a doorway leading to the Inner Sanctum of the Mask.

From the KQ8 website;

If you've made it this far, then you hold the five mask pieces and are ready to face your final and globally important challenge - defeat the evil one and reunite the pieces of the Mask of Eternity to save the world! Shadow creatures stand between the entrance of the three-tiered, pyramid-shaped temple and the altar located on the crest high above.

Behind the scenes Edit

According to InterAction magazine and the development notes the Realm of the Sun is Heaven, and the Archarchon Lucreto's story is inspired by the story of Lucifer's fall from Heaven into Hell.

Celestial means belonging or relating to heaven. Indeed the Realm of the Sun is inspired by Christian heaven (in particular via John Milton's Paradise Lost references) along with several other inspirations.

Landmark namesEdit

Most of the names of the landmarks originate out of the official strategy guide, some may come from file names/debug names.

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