The Realm of the Dead (aka Land of the Dead) is the land where Samhain (KQGS) rules. It is based on the same realm Realm of the Dead from KQ6.


On the surface to the realm is the Valley of Bones, where the entrance lies guarded by skeletons, and where the Xylobone is located. Both Whisper and Acorn (KQGS) ultimately became guards on the surface.

After they are judged by Samhain, the spirits of the dead come to reside in the Ghost Town a haunted mirror version of the homes where they resided in life.

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An achievement relates to a 'bone xylophone' and dancing dead, a nod to an event in KQ6.

While original King's Quest lore had more than one 'afterlife' where spirits could travel too, ruled by the diety Azriel or the trapped and undead human Samhain. In the reboot universe it seems that all spirits end up in the Land of the Dead. From there they end up continuing an existence inside areas representing their former places of work.

The artwork for realm is based on the VGA artwork from KQ6 but is an original piece possibly photo shopped with elements of the KQ6 artwork. The elements are shown from a slightly different angle then they appeared in KQ6. The other shops where the ghostly inhabitants of the realm exist also appear in VGA style.

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