A Ranger is a protector of Daventry and a type of knight. They are a special force within the Knights of Daventry.


Graham's usual attire was the short tunic, pants, and high boots of a Ranger.[1] The uniform is one worn by squires or rustic knights of Daventry.[2] Thus it would seem Ranger is formal name of the more rustic knights of Daventry, separating them from the other richer and better armored Knights of Daventry. Many of these gallent knights were originally peasants.[3] Connor has also been seen to wear the short tunic, pants, and high boots as well, he is both a peasant and is a knight of Daventry. Suggesting he is also one of the Rangers.

Rangers may also be taught in the skills of bows and hunting. Graham also was reasonably skilled with a slingshot. Graham often liked to go out hunting with a bow now and then. He had learned how to find and follow tracks. Hunting is generally considered a man's sport.[4]

Rangers make great scouts.

Uniforms Edit

While its not clear if they have 'standard' uniforms. Graham's clothing has been described as the Ranger's typical uniform. It is made up short tunic, pants, and high boots, a belt, and Graham's case the adventurer's cap. However, the cap maybe optional as not all the rustic knights wear them.

The short tunic (usually short sleeve but also sometimes sleeveless or long sleeved) in Graham's case was usually red, but others appear in turquoise and tan as is the case of Alexander and Connor's clothing. Although its not entirely clear if these two are wearing ranger uniforms or simply civilian clothing. It is unlikely that Alexander joined the Rangers as well.

Grahams trousers (sometimes tights) were usually blue, turquoise, or cyan (but he has been shown to wear green, red, and possibly even black (darker colors)), but the pants also exist in green or brown (Connor), and grey (Alexander). Other variations have been seen as well such as light tan or brown. Sometimes short sleeved with a long sleeve shirt worn underneath which come in colors including red, blue, yellow, white, green, etc). (see Graham's wardrobe).

The adventurer's cap has been seen in a number of colors from blue/cyan to green, as well as in tan, black or white & lavender/violet. This hat appears to be a single piece of molded high quality felt wool. Most have rounded dome over the head, but at least one version is pointy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rangers tend to be more of a fantasy concept, see Lord of the Rings. The closest thing to a ranger in medieval times might be the foresters or a yeoman. Also similar to scouts or pathfinders.


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