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Questing is the act of going on a quest during an adventure.


Questing is a family tradition in Daventry. Graham quested to gain the throne of Daventry, and rescued Valanice from the evil Hagatha. And Alexander saved Rosella from a foul Three-headed Dragon. Indeed, questing is the noblest adventure of all! Not for riches or fame should one quest in a faraway land, but to aid others. Daventry can be considered be an excellent location for questing. There are always wrongs to be righted, and noble deeds to be done. However, questing  in Daventry is a dangerous venture. To battle with sword and shield is often not the correct action, but rather one should use wits to avoid deadly peril. Graham spends much of his time questing and defeating monsters, if only because of his love for excellent food, or else he may be known only as King Graham the Overweight.

It is common for adventurers or knights to go on quests. Sometimes it takes a First Quest (aka First Adventure) before an adventure or a knight can truly be called a adventurer or knight[1]. Graham's first quest is unclear, some say his first quest made him into a knight. Others claim his quest for the Crown of Daventry was his first quest. Rosella's First Quest was as a young child sneaking outside of the castle to find her lost golden football.