The door into the Realm of Eldritch

Portals are magical passageways that can teleport or transport beings from one place to another.


One portal is the door of divine origin, the door to the Dimension of Death. It is the entrance to the Dimension of Death from the ancient mausoleum in Connor's Village in Daventry.

There are actually two portals to and from the Dimension of Death, one is the portal back to Daventry, and one leading out from the dimension to the Swamp.

Other portals lead to the four Halls of Life, to the Hall of Immortality, Hall of War, Hall of Justice, and Hall of Respite.

Another portal made of water gave passage between the Underground Realm of the Gnomes and The Swamp, but had to be opened by Mudge, King of the Swamp.

Another portal lead to the Black Abyss.

Another portal opened up between the garden pool (the Looking Pool) near Castle Daventry and the Realm of Eldritch. This portal is unique in that it could offer passage to various areas throughout the realm. A dragonette used the portal to enter Daventry from Etheria. Rosella was pulled through the side of the vortex through a magic mirror in the Vulcanix Underground, and Valanice was deposited by a dustdevil into the The Desert. Being pulled out of the portal in such a manner caused Rosella to turn into a troll. Edgar would later admit to being responsible for using the portal to bring Rosella to Eldritch.

There were also portal tiles between the various lands.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ games portals are often portrayed as vortexes or contain vortexes. Some disentegrate the individual and reintegrate them on the other side. Others draw in the individual in their complete physical form.

The magic doors in KQ2 is also a portal of sorts.

The vortex tornadoes/whirlwinds are similar to the method of travel used by Dorothy to travel to the realm of Oz.

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