Port Bruce (aka Bruce) is a sea trading town and seaport located in Llewdor.


Port Bruce is a town in Llewdor, although Alexander-Gwydion refers to it as a hamlet. Graham's friend, Sir David, is from there; the god Thor fought a great battle with amonster outside its walls; and it has a newspaper, The Bruce Banner, named after the famous flag. It is located in southeastern Llewdor.[1]

It was the original site of the Banner of Bruce, from which the town's newspaper; the Bruce Banner received its name. Colorful town legend has it that the town has been rebuilt a few times due to random attacks by green hulking monsters that have destroyed the town over the centuries. Thor has been said to have saved the town during one of these attacks.

Although actually located to the south of the lone mountain of Llewdor, Port Bruce actually appears to lie to the north of the lone mountain, when viewed from the mountain. This is caused by the magical law of "containment" that surrounds Llewdor.

The town is not much more than a general store where people could get food and supplies, a tavern where sailors might go to drink and swap tales, and a few houses. Llewdor College maybe located here, or up on the mountain.

The town is filled with companions of questionable character and motives.[2]

It was frequented by pirates that enjoyed the wine, beer, and other liquors served by the local bar wench at the town's Tavern. The other of landmark of note within the town is the general store operated by a kindly old man, and his dog Kenny which also brought important trade to the town.



  • Derek Karlavaegen mentions the names of just two towns in all of the early messages he sent, Daventry and Bruce.[3] In later messages he mentioned the towns of Serenia, Village of the Crown, Village of the Druids, and Falderal.
  • It is noted that it might be the same seaport where Alexander-Gwydion set sail with the pirates, but that might be speculation.[4]If not then Llewdor has more than one town.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Port Bruce originates from the King's Quest Companion. In King's Quest III, the town is not given a name. it is listed as simply the Town in the KQ3 Hintbook. In the The Official Book of King's Quest the town's name appears to be implied to be Llewdor.

The Town (unofficial)Edit

In King's Quest ZZT series the town is named "Town of Llewdor".


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The Official Book of King's Quest may imply the name Llewdor" in reference to the name of the  town as well.
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