Pluto was a Greek god, and one three sons of Cronus.


He and his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon (Neptune), killed their father and divided the world among them--Pluto obtained the underworld, Hades.[1]

Heroes such as Achilles & Orpheus have travelled to his realm. Orpheus tried to rescue his loved from Pluto. Orpheus' lyre music moved the ruler of Hades to granting his request, if only for a short time.

Names and titlesEdit

  • Pluto
  • Hades
  • Lord of the Dead

Behind the scenesEdit

Pluto is the roman name for the Greek god Hades. He was the husband of Persephone. Although Pluto ruled Hades, he was not the personification of Death, that was the role of Thanatos (brother of Charon), or Thanatos' sisters the Keres ("Violent Death"). The ancient Greeks did not regard Pluto as "death" per se.[2] Ploutonhe was 'lord of the dead' (this however is not the same thing as personification of 'death').[3]

During the development of KQ8, when Roberta was designing concept for Death (Azriel), one idea included portraying Hades (Pluto) who ruled over the Underworld with his Queen Persephone.


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