The Plains of Jed is a region to south of Daventry.


The piper was taking the ninety eight Sloks to the plains. Its about four weeks from Daventry, and seven weeks from Vale of Willows. It was believed there they would pose no more problems.[1]The 'southern road' through Daventry can be followed to reach it.

Based on the known directions it probably lies somewhere west or southwest of Zakizga.

This may be one of the southern kingdoms which the people of Daventry fled to following the attacks of the three-headed dragon in Daventry. These are the many kingdoms the continent is divided into, most of them small and only a day or three's journey by foot in extent. These fiefdoms sometimes war or battle with each other for reasons their rulers care about, and shrink or grow depending on their martial fortunes. They seemingly come and go with the seasons, and few are remembered after their passing.

Other than the plains little else is known about Jed, the name would suggest that it is the plains are a region within a larger country, but could just as easily be the full title of the region in general.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is apparently a section of  Daventry that lies to the south near the sea, connected to Daventry via the southern road (which passes between sections of the Old Woods). It is unclear if the kingdom itself stretches all the way down this road to the sea, or if the port is section is a colony of the kingdom of sorts, split from the main kingdom proper (but the region is subject to the Kingdom's laws and trials are held from Castle Daventry). The Plains of Jed likely lie to the west of this region or west of 'southern road' south of the woods. This southern region is apparently where the port for Daventry is located and where it keeps its fleet (where Alexander disembarked for the Green Isles and where he landed when visiting the kingdom later).

Based on the context mentioning the plains, they are likely outside of the Kingdom of Daventry, and not considered part of the kingdom.


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