Pixies are a fairy race that are known in Etheria and Daventry.


They are covered in pixie dust.[1] They apparently have dragonfly like wings. The fairies of Kolyma are a pixielike race.[2] Pixie dust makes Fernando Bullforth sneeze. This would appear to make them similar or the same race as the Fairy Helpers of Genesta.

The forest Nymphs of Daventry and Etheria may be a pixie race, however they appear to be much larger than pixies are generally thought to be.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pixie and fairy/faerie may be terms that are interchangeable, thus Fernando Bullforth's comment may refer to the faeries of Etheria.

Some of the texture files in KQ8 refer to pixies or pixie dust. This may relate to the Wisps, or it may relate to something cut from the game. The files seem to be used in the game for other textures instead.


  1. Fernando Bullforth (KQ7): "Pixie dust and ambrosia make me sneeze."
  2. Narrator (KQ2):"The pixielike fairy has golden blonde hair, translucent wings, and an endless supply of fairy dust!"
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