Peter Spear is a resident of modern Earth (20th century) known to the people of Daventry as the Other World.


He published the book, the King's Quest Companion from material he received from Derek Karlavaegen from the world of Daventry. Derek had sent him court documents to his computer via the Eye Between the Worlds. Peter claims that Roberta Williams received her ideas from dreams or visions given to her by people from the world of Daventry. He mentions having tried to call Roberta to tell her about the messages he received from Derek. During these calls he would sometimes find out that she was designing a new game covering the same events Derek's messages were referring to.


Peter Spear is in real-life a writer, broadcaster, and EMMY winner. He has been playing video games for a long time. As a computer game tester and consultant, he's worked closely with developers and publishers to bring the very best games to the market. He has been an avid King's Quest and Space Quest player for years, as well as the author of four editions of the King's Quest Companion, and along with his son Jeremy, the Space Quest Companion.

While writing the King's Quest Companion, Peter Spear gained the chance to work with Roberta Williams, Ken Williams, Jane Jensen, And other King's Quest developers. They offered him advice and helped give ideas. They even let him in on behind the scenes information.

Roberta even endorsed the King's Quest Companions as one of the only true ways to understand the KQ universe beyond the games. During the writing of the third edition Peter Spear, Jane Jensen, and the professional author eluki bes shahar collaborated on the KQ6 material, so it contains tie-ins to the Guidebook of the Land of the Green Isles, and the Guidebook contains tie-ins to the Companion.

During the development of KQ7, Peter Spear worked with Lorelei Shannon and again with Roberta Williams on the publication of the KQ7 Authorized Strategy Guide and the 4th Edition of the Companion.

Due to Peter Spear's close ties and inside information the Companions offer quite a bit of behind the scenes information and in some cases include early concepts that didn't make It into the final released game.

Peter Spear's work later went on to influence other King's Quest developers, not only Jane Jensen and Lorelei Shannon in but also Josh Mandel and others behind King's Questions and other published works at Sierra such as the KQ6 and KQ7 hintbooks, and articles in Sierra's Insider magazine.

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