Pandora was supposedly the first women, bestowed with all the choicest gifts of the gods.


She was created by Zeus as part of revenge against Prometheus, who stole fire from heaven and gave it to the mortal humans. Pandora's Box was actually a jar given to her by Zeus; it contained all the evil and misery the god could conceive.

Pandora was given to the brother of Prometheus who fell in love with her and made her his wife. To satisfy her husband's curiosity, Pandora opened the jar, just as Zeus had planned. Out flew all the evil, pain and misery that had been bottled up inside.

Perhaps some evil was still caught within after the distraught Pandora hastily closed the jar; that would explain why Lolotte wanted it so badly.[1]

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In Greek mythology Pandora was the first woman. She was created partially as a punishment for mankind, for Prometheus, the creator of the human race, had stolen fire from the gods against the whim Zeus to give to his creations. Pandora was given a box she was told never to open, but curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box, releasing many evils that plague humankind to this day.

Retrieving Pandora's Box was one of the tasks Lolotte assigned Rosella in King's Quest IV.

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