The Palace School is one of the schools in Daventry


It was one of the institutions built during Edward the Benevolent's reign. Edward was known for building schools and universities early in his reign.

King Graham and Sir David were students in the school in their youth.

In Graham's first years in the palace school he began to wear his hair cut long to cover his ears, on the theory that if the teacher couldn't see his ears, the teacher couldn't pull them. His theory never worked.

The name of the school would indicate it is either built inside the castle or at least run by the castle, and existed in the nearby town.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Palace School maybe divided into early grades, and Daventry High School, or they maybe separate institutions altogether.

It's worth noting that 'palace school' is not usually written with capital letters. Which could suggest that its tied under the 'Royal University". However the court chronicler himself doesn't even capitalize 'royal university' in his Chronicles (though Derek Karlavaegen does in his).

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