Owls are a bird living in the world of Daventry.


Owls generally hunt snakes.

One of the most famous is Crispinophur's familiar, the wise owl Cedric.

The Kangaroo Rat would offer a screech owl for a rubber fowl.

Ersatz had a charming wooden owl for sale. He tried hanging it in a cornfield to scare away crows, but they just weren't impressed. They finally took the owl down when the crows drew a mustache on it.

In the Greek Myths, the owl is the symbol of the goddess Athena. Because Athena was considered wise, and the owl her symbol, the owl became looked upon as a wise bird.[1]

Owl Courage Potions are sold in the Pawn Shoppe in the Land of the Green Isles.

Behind hte scenesEdit

An owl appears in the artwork in KQ2 manual.


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