Otar Fenris III is the King of the Trolls, the grand high ruler of the Trolls of the Vulcanix Underground, the Overlord of the Underworld, the Troll King,KQC4E, pg 333 #?, the Lord of the Trolls.[1]


He was captured by Malicia and replaced with an impostor she had made by enchanting Edgar. The reason being that as king, Otar is responsible for maintaining the machine that prevents the volcano from erupting and destroying all of Eldritch. She intended to keep the imposter king in power long enough to allow the machine to overload and the volcano to erupt.

The real King Otar was kidnapped by Malicia and taken to Ooga Booga. He was hidden underground inside a coffin protected by the Boogeyman. In chapter 4, Rosella saves him by digging underground into the Boogeyman's home using a shovel and then giving him his pet Dragontoad, a childhood guardian given to Rosella by Mathilde. Once Otar is saved, he transforms into a beetle and travels with Rosella back to the Vulcanix Underground to try to contain the volcano. He is returned to his troll form again in the final chapter, then he and Edgar, still in disguise as Otar, fight over the controls of the machinery. Rosella changes the fake troll King into Edgar using the magic wand, but then Malicia appears and Otar is knocked unconscious by falling rocks. Rosella revives Otar by waving a flower under his nose, (A trick she learned by overhearing a conversation between two female trolls in Chapter 2) and Otar finally shuts down the machine, saving the land.

Otar has a stern reputation, but he is a noble and duty-bound king who also has a soft sensitive side, as evidenced by his reaction to Rosella's reunion with Edgar. Upon his disappearance, most of his people noticed something strange about him, particularly his old nursemaid, Mathilde.


  • King of the Trolls
  • Troll King
  • Lord of the Trolls
  • Overlord of the Underworld
  • The King

Behind the scenesEdit

Aside from King Otar and his imposter having different colored eyes, (The way you can tell them apart in the final chapter). They also have different voices. Edgar still sounds quite like himself in his transformed state, while the real King speaks in a gruff, gravely voice.


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