Organs are musical instruments.


At the top of the secret tower in the haunted house--sometimes known as Whateley Manor--there is a fine pipe organ. Rosella discovered this when she first visited the house, but found nothing unusual about it other than the fact that it was hidden. However, when she played the sheet music she found in the trunk in the house's attic, a secret compartment opened in the organ to reveal a key to the crypt in the mountain. The secret drawer would only open if that certain tune were played. Where there is no apparent relationship at all, one cannot help imaginging a masked phantom playing eerie melodies in a chamber hidden in the sewers of Paris.

There is another organ in Mordack's castle. Graham admires it for its fine, if somewhat macabre, workmanship. Its tone is another matter. Graham dared not try it out while he was there. He was sure that if he did, he would alert Mordack of his presence on the island. Graham was likely correct in his decision to keep his hands off the instrument.[1]


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