Order is a force opposed to Chaos. It is aligned with all that is Good and the Light. It has some association with the Balance (although the Perfect Balance is neither dark nor light, nor good or evil).


It is the third and last tenant of the Mask of Eternity (after Truth and Light). The precept of Order states that Order brings Unity and thus Perfect Harmony. It is the opposing force to Chaos.

To have Order, one must be able correct small faults, or they will not be able to control great ones.

In Serenia; peace is thought to be the natural order of things.

The leaders of the Forty Thieves of the Endless Desert had once been students of natural order, magic, and philosophy, before turning from their teachers towards evil.

Order is very important to the Hillmen tribe of the Barren Region. Their culture is dedicated to their Stone of Order.

The Chalice of Order provides the Life Immortal.

Derek Karlavaegen speculates that a powerful evil family must exist in the universe in order to balance the presence of the powerful and good royal family of Daventry. He feels that such conflict is part of the order of the universe not just to balance forces, but to give purpose to existence. If this is correct then this means that good and evil (or whatever one wants to call the two) must exist--just to keep things interesting!

Behind the scenes Edit

While Order is generally related to "good' and the opposite of Chaos, it is possible for a kind of Lawful Evil alignment such with the Forty Thieves, while they are no longer practice the natural order, they still follow their own kind of morality.

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