The Oracle of the Tree was an wise tree found in The Swamp.


He knew of Connor of Daventry due to his ability to make prophecies. He knew all but spoke seldom. His prophecies were only for those deserving. Connor was deserving but only for a gift of a gold piece. The prophecies were clues that Connor could use.

Oracle's PropheciesEdit

  • "He is more noble who deserves than he that receives benefits."
  • "Where the mask once doth sit a pretender."
  • "Deeds are fruits. Words are but leaves."
  • "Strength and righteousness grow stronger by being tried."
  • "Where the sinner cannot come, he shall send."
  • "He that doeth evil abhoreth the light."
  • "He who coveted all hath now brought on sin."
  • "Though shalt go...Though shalt return. Never shalt though perish."
  • "The Mask shall deliver victory unto the hand of the righteous."
  • "The Father of demons and abominations before the altar stands."
  • "He that would enter into a higher realm must have a good key."
  • "The Virtue of the Golden Ladle is within you. It shall purge the poison and restore purity."

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Oracle of the Tree
  • Prophet Tree
  • Wise Tree
  • Tree
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