Ooga Booga is a town/township in Ooga Booga Land


The township (and surrounding region) is a slightly morbid and spooky village of the deceased. The town of Ooga Booga, and the darker lands of the kingdom around is the Land of the Dead in the Realm of Eldritch.

Ooga Booga is home to Dr. Cadaver (the resident physician/doctor and coroner), the undertaker of the land, the Ghoul Kids (fiendish and cruel demon-like children who live for chaos) and many other bizarre and somewhat morbid people and creatures.


Cemetery GateEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

According to the Gravedigger, those who die in the Realm of Eldritch are moved onto Ooga Booga. Everyone 'living' in the realm are dead as a doornail, for the most part. As such it acts as a kind of afterlife for those of Eldritch.

Ooga Booga is apparently known as the Land of the Dead in Eldritch[1]. Either that, or she knows of the Realm of the Dead in the Land of the Green Isles. But under the context of rotting together in the coffin, for eternity, and based on what she says in KQ7, it appears she intended to leave them locked away in Ooga Booga for a thousand years. As Eldritch's Land of the Dead, that would mean that Vlad Tsepish is the Lord of the Dead for the land. He may be the equivalent of the Lord of the Dead or personification of Death for Ooga Booga.

Several characters in the game also note had the Volcano erupted and destroyed the world that Ooga Booga would see a huge surge in population (also suggesting that those die in Eldritch go on to exist in Ooga Booga).

Ooga Booga is apparently considered a kingdom although it is ruled by a count. Perhaps he also holds the title of king, but this is never specifically mentioned.[2]


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  2. "Up above this kingdom is a dark land called Ooga Booga. Our kingdoms were never crazy about each other, but we had a civil relationship. Now, because of HER, the Ooga Boogites attack any troll that shows his face above ground. Missy, once you're human, will you go above and investigate? I have a gut feeling that our kingdom is in terrible trouble."   
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