The Ogress (Mrs. Ogre) is the wife of the Ogre in Tamir.


There is a story that tells of the ogress. Once a boy names Jack, climbed to the top of a magic beanstalk. There he met an ogre's wife who fed Jack breakfast and hid him in her oven so that her ogre husband wouldn't catch and eat him. However, Jack ended up robbing the ogres several times.

Personality and traitsEdit


  • The Ogress
  • Mrs. Ogre

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the 'Ogress' in KQ4 Hintbook. The Official Book of King's Quest refers to this character as Mrs. Ogre of the Ogre Family.

The original story portrays a "hero" gaining the sympathy of a man's wife, hiding in his house, robbing and finally killing him. In Benjamin Tabart's moralized version, a fairy woman explains to Jack that the giant previously robbed and killed his father, which justifies Jack's actions as retribution. Andrew Lang follows this version in the Red Fairy Book of 1890.

Ogresses are important to a number of fairy tales, while not always paired with an ogre, they are antagonists in their own right. Some of these Ogresses might even seen as similar to the witch Hagatha in KQ5 (though she is never specifically said to be an ogress), such as the ogress and witch mentioned in The Three Robes in Andrew Lang's Fairy Books.


  • "Quiet, you old goat! That's just a deer you smell! You know how you get when you're hungry. Here! Eat!"
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