The Obnoxious Gate Guard was one of Falderal's Badger guards.


The Obnoxious Gate Guard stood guard over the large and useless gate to Falderal. He issued ridiculous and impossible demands for the entrance into the city. However most don't take him seriously and enter via the side door.

He wanted the Holy One Ton Tomato of Antioch, an artifact that doesn't exist. He asks Rosella to find the Levitating Albino Warthog of Rigatonia and the Flying Ferrets of Mestellidon.

The badger guard also warns about several non-existent traps and creatures that he claims guard the gates, these are also nonsensical and do not exist.

Requests and WarningsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

While the items he wants Rosella to find are nonsense, its unknown if the countries he refers to are real or not. Of the three Antioch is a real place, and would likely exist in the King's Quest Universe on ancient Earth, as it was a city in Assyria. Rigatonia is a pun on "Rigatoni" a type of pasta.

He references many nonsensical animals, claiming they guard the gates to Falderal. These creatures although some are references to real-world animals do not or may not exist within the world of Eldritch.


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